Equipment & Output

Cost-Effective Smart Sensor

Smart Solo

The revolution in seismic data collection - this highly sensitive geophone focuses on the principals of seismic exploration - collecting high fidelity signal waves with accurate location and timing. 

This smart sensor provides precise information for
highest-quality seismic data with 40% less man-power.

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Widest bandwidth large class vibrators


AHV-IV is known for it's field proven reliability and ability to deliver up to 60,000 pounds of peak force, setting the standard for tire-based vibrator products in the seismic industry today.

Style + Substance

About the output

We use ever evolving technologies that help us deliver high-quality outputs. Above samples showcase the Initial PSDM and Final PSDM outputs along with the ability to map Modal Velocity Update with Salt Body - picking salt base, bottom of salt body and updating the VM Model.